Comprehensive Transportation Study - Hyderabad Metropolitan Area

Objectives of the study 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

The specific objectives of the study are to:

1. Identify socio-economic background of different groups and their travel pattern of residents in HMA

2. Select, develop and operationalize an urban Transport planning model using state-of-the art modeling techniques and software package, appropriate to the conditions and planning needs of HMA;

3. Assess the relevance of the 1988 strategy, identify the consequences of pursuing alternative transport strategies, and recommend/update a long-term comprehensive transport strategy for HMA up to 2042;

4. Identify for all modes a phased program of appropriate and affordable investments and policy proposals up to 2042.

5. Assess Transit oriented development issues and integration of all public transport system in HMA

6. Help strengthen transport planning skills, and transfer all data, planning models/tools and knowledge obtained through the study to HMDA and GHMC

7. Action plan for improvement of service level bench marks (SLBs) as per MoUD guide lines.

Key Activities

Given the above objectives of the study the consultancy work is expected to cover following area of activities:

1. Develop an Immediate Action Plan for addressing critical traffic issues of Hyderabad

2. Collection/updating of household, land use, and travel demand data

3. Development and operation of an Urban Transport Planning model

4. Formulation of a transport strategy for HMA

5. Formulation of proposals for Transit oriented development and integration of all public transport systems in HMA

6. Identification of a phased program of transport investments and management proposals;

7. Formulation of proposals for future expansion of HMR (MRTS) project (phase-II).

8. Training and knowledge transfer to HMDA and other agencies; and

9. Assisting HMDA in public consultation process.

10. Propose the action plan for achieving the standard service level bench marks.